Best smart irrigation controller comparison Rachio vs Blossom

Best smart irrigation controller comparison: Rachio vs Blossom

With smart devices penetrating our homes at an alarming rate, it is no surprise that our sprinkler controller is becoming smart as well. In this article, I will compare two of the top rated devices in the market. If you want more information, I suggest reading this article on the best sprinkler controller from

Currently, the two best reviewed wifi irrigation controller comes from Rachio and Blossom. Both have nearly 5 star reviews although Rachio definitely wins out in terms of the sheer number of reviews.  Rachio was the breakout darling from 2014 as reviewers all swarmed over this device, saying how smart and useful it is to save money on your water sprinkling. On the other hand, Blossom was only recently launched in 2015 from a very successful kickstarter campaign, which I happen to contribute :) This happens why the number of reviews are skewed in favor of Rachio as of this writing.

Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the both smart sprinkler controllers to see what are their similarities differences.



Both Rachio and Blossom are wifi connected devices that allow you to control your sprinkle controllers (pun intended) via a number of ways including your mobile, automatic etc. One of the smartest way is to connect them to the local weather station such that the weather becomes the input on how much water your sprinklers should give out. That is a very smart things and one of the reason why I think smart appliances and other home gadgets are here to stay.



One of the biggest difference between the two is the use of the wifi. Rachio currently can only use Wifi as connection, which can present a problem if your outdoor area do not have a strong Wifi signal. Blossom try to remedy this problem by including another possible connection path, which is riding on your Powerline network.  However, I am not currently cleared on what powerline does the device really sit on as there are a number of different standards such as HomePlug AV, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u etc.

Another cool feature from Blossom is its ability to configure different watering schedule if you choose to share your garden layout with the Bloosom device. Again, that is another example of how smart functions like this can help save our time and make our home chorus a much easier task than before.

Here are some other differences you might want to know

  • Zones: Rachio allows too set up 8 zones while Blossom is up to 12
  • History: Rachio allows you to see the water usage history but not Blossom, although the Blossom is saying this feature will be available in the next update
  • Stop button: Unbelievable but Blossom has no stop button! Yup, you hear that correct. If there is anything miscalculation or wrong directions, the owner cannot manually stop the device, which means it can lead to excessive water usage.


Overall, while both smart irrigation controllers seem to be well reviewed, there are teething problems with the Blossom as mentioned above. If you are in the market for this product. I suggest you stick to the Rachio for now until Blossom has solved some of the problems.