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Interior Home Decor Types

When it comes to home decoration, personal choice and creative expressions are the key things to take note of. Decorate means to beautify. Making a home beautiful is as important as making it expressive. When decorating a room, several things have to be taken into account. Space, flooring, lighting, and window treatments are just a few. Beauty lies in incorporating all the elements and expressing it. There are different kinds of decors such as Formal, Contemporary, Casual, and Rustic.

Formal home décor

Formal home decors are used for elegance and peacefulness. These places are livable and comfortable in every way. These posses:

  • Tall windows, fireplaces, and large mirror
  • Furnitures should be arranged in a straight line in the room
  • Fabrics used as blankets and sheets should be luxurious and rich.

Contemporary Home décor

Contemporary home decors are categorized as the simplest of all decors. It gives a sense of simplicity and consists of neutral, and earthy colors.

  • These decors use distinctive patters, geometric shapes, and black as the primary color
  • There is a striking use of colors such as red or orange
  • Metals lights are generally used in this type of décor

Casual home décor

This kind of styling is very easy to maintain and is very inviting to all family members. It is what you find at various houses.

  • Perfect symmetry is never found in this type of décor
  • Floors are generally wooden
  • Furnitures are arranged in diagonal lines
  • Lighting fixtures are a mixture of steel and wood

Rustic home décor

It creates a very distinguishable form factor while maintaining the unique texture and warmth. This provides sophistication, charm, and trend.

  • Furnitures are highly textured and only a few pieces are put up in the room
  • Pillow covers are necessary and must be in rust, copper, or burgundy brown color
  • Fireplaces are usually found with polished logs and with an antique finish.

Choose the one that depicts your style and have fun while doing it.