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Smart robot lawn mower reviews: do they work

Although smart home security trend is the focus on our blog, we will cover other smart home devices from time to time. One such device is the smart robot lawn mower. This development started from the rise of the Roomba’s robotic cleaner vacuum which created a new market category in the home cleaning industry.

Unlike vacuuming, mowing a lawn presents other challenges that need to be solved technologically before they become a viable alternative to our gardening routine. Do they work? According to this site on robot lawn mower reviews, some of them do. Let’s find out which model is worthy of your attention.


What are the challenges?

One of the biggest challenge is the uneven surface of the lawn, compared to the relative flat flooring that most houses posses. In fact, the stairs represents the biggest problem to robotic vacuum cleaners so can their counterparts in lawn moving solve this issue?  Well, some of them can and that makes them a better model, relative to others.


Best robotic lawn mower

Flymo robotic lawn mower reviewOne such model is the Flymo smart lawn mower. According to this Flymo robotic lawn mower review, it can work up to 25% inclination, which means it can cover most of the steep slope present in your lawn.  Best of all, it has plenty of programmable functions that allow the owner to preset many different functions such as scheduling the lawn mowing.


Robomow RS630 reviewA close contender for the king of smart lawn mower is the Robomow RS630.  It performs well and require little maintenance. One of its clever feature is its ability to detect rain and returns itself to its charging station to avoid any water damage. This is a smart function and shows what an intelligent device can help in your day to day activities.