smart secuirty home system trend

The smart home security device trend

One of the more prominent trend in home devices is the rise of their internet connected counterparts. More commonly known as smart devices, they include things such as smart locks and wireless video doorbell. What these device can do is to be connected to the Internet such that all value added services can be enjoyed by the home owners.

Let’s look at the doorbell. The tradition version is nothing more than a notification for the home owner that somebody is at the door. Now, with a wireless video doorbell, the image of person standing outside your door can be viewed via your smartphone. This simple function means you no longer have to get out of your chair to see who is at the door. More importantly, you can now see who is standing outside your house even if you are miles away.

Who are the brands

This simple example shows you why these smart home security devices has seen an signficant uptick in term of their purchases. Who are the companies behind these devices. For smart locks, the leading companies are .

  • August
  • Goji: A new startup focusing on developing advance smart lock and key systems
  • Kiwiset: not a new company but introduces its smart lock system called SmartScan in 2007. Since then , it has released new versions of this product including SmartCode and SmartKey.

For wireless video doorbell, the major brands include:

  • Ivision
  • Honeywell
  • Optex

Most of the brands are not the big brands. Indeed, most are of these companies are technology startups.


What is the growth rate

Due to this being a new trend, there isn’t any strong industry data. One thing we can look at is Google trends, which show the amount of searches done on these products. This will be a solid indication on how fast the industry is growing.

Below is the search trend for smart locks. Looks like a healthy growth in terms of consumer interest.  The big jump came in 2013 and looks to be growing stronger for 2015.

Smart lock trends

This chart shows the search interest for wireless doorbell. It is not exactly the right but it does give an indication on the growing interest for such smart devices as well.

Wireless doorbell trend

As I learn about more terns, I shall update this page with more charts to show you that smart security home systems are becoming a strong trend and a powerful business and startup opportunity.


What new smart security home systems will we see

Besides these 2 products, what other smart security devices are on the horizon?

  • Smart security camera: these camera are now capable of detecting using physical presence in your home using night vision, motion and audio detection. Since it is connected to the Internet, any detection alerts can be sent to your smart phone for instant action.
  • Smart security kit: rather than standalone smart devices, there will be an explosion of kits that allow home owners and DIY folks to connect the different devices to form a complete smart home security systems.
  • Device hacking: this is not a system but the threat of your smart security being hacked is real This might need to a sub sector that develops security software for your security device. Sounds a bit ironical isn’t?


Overall, the smart security home device market looks to be on an upward trend. If you are interested in this, stay tune as we continue to push relevant articles for this industry including product reviews, news and other interesting topics.